Pioneering R & D Laboratory

THALISSI performs a complete range of tests to verify the Safety and Effectiveness of all its formulations. Our R&D Laboratories, the first ones in Spain with Certificate UNE 166002 for “Research, Development and Innovation of high scientific cosmetics products”, perform a lot of internal tests along with other International laboratories to test the Security and Effectiveness of all our creations.


In THALISSI we know from our research work in the Biochemistry field that we have all the most effective Natural Plant treatment bioactives with marine and terrestrial, and Natural Mineral, being these ingredients part of all our products.


The treatment’s efficiency with THALISSI Products is studied by internal and external Qualified Scientific Staff. THALISSI participates with Universities and Researching Groups in the development of the Safest and the most Effective Natural Dermocosmetics for your skin and participates in International Scientific Congresses to let the world know our “green molecules”.

In Vitro Test

THALISSI determines the activity of all its actives in cell cultures, thus obtaining the optimal concentrations of each ingredient to achieve a Bioproduct with the highest effectiveness.


The security of all our formulations is demonstrated by qualified and experienced scientist professionals (skin tolerance test, Finn Chambers, obtaining Skin Irritation Index (S.I.I) which describes the tolerance of the THA-LISSI cosmetics products as VERY WELL TOLERATED.

Clinical Study

Using panels of people divided by age, with different skin types and sex, to get a greater breadth of effecti-veness and application of our Bioproducts.

If you want a Natural Product, Endorsed and Certified, with the highest efficacy for the treatment of Your Skin... your brand is THALISSI ... For your health...