Natural Gold Essence 200Ml + Gift Nectar 5Ml


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To discover Saffron´s History, also known as Crocus flower, it is essential to undertake a trip to Ancient Times.  Saffron has been used as a medical plant to solve health problems such as depression or asthma.

Pioneer in cosmetic treatments, Cleopatra used to add Saffron in her famous donkey´s milk baths to achieve a golden elixir that would preserve her beauty. Saffron known as "Red Gold" is considered the most expensive spice in the world and now deploys its anti aging benefits in cosmetics.  Baring a high percentage of caroteicnica crocine present in the flower´s pistils, this component is responsible for it´s gold color.

Our cosmetics laboratories recent studies certified that the use of crocin helps preserving the glycans and have innovated by creating a saffron flower with argan oil compound resulting in an extraordinary anti ageing cocktail. Oil Free.

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